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Process Name  : Hiberfil.sys

Process Path : “%ROOT% [ C:\Hiberfil.sys ]

Process type    : Windows hibernation file

Threat level : Legitimate file

Process Details :

                     Hiberfil.sys will be created by Windows when the system goes into hibernation mode. Before switches to hibernation mode, Windows will store all active contents in RAM to the file C:\Hiberfil.sys UWhen your computer comes out of hibernation, it returns to its previous state. Usually hiberfil.sys file size will be around 500MB to 1GB. When you run disk defragmentation, it will be difficult to defrag the disk due to its large file size. In that case you may wish to remove this file before performing defragmentation.

You can remove hiberfil.sys file by following the step by step instructions.

1. Goto Control Panel and double-click on Power Options.
2. Select the Hibernate tab in the Power Options Properties dialog box.
3. Uncheck the Enable Hibernation and Press OK.

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